Advice on Positioning

Today’s asset managers find themselves in a complex world with increasing competition, making it more and more important to understand how their competitors act.

Kirstein helps you, the asset manager, understand your position and your competitors and thereby helps you reach your potential. We can help you if you want advice on how to position a specific product or insight into your strengths and weaknesses compared to your competitors.

Our advice is customised to each of our clients and may include, but is not limited to, product due diligence, mapping of your competitive situation, and business development. Our consultancy service is ongoing and both on a strategic and operational level.

We can provide you with essential insights such as:

Who are your competitors?

How are you positioned compared to your competitors?

How are your products evaluated?

How can you reach your potential?

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Casper Hammerich
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JP Morgan AM

At our request and outside any particular search activity, Kirstein has conducted in-depth analyses of several strategies offered by us to institutional clients. The feedback and insight we received, both quantitatively and qualitatively, has been extremely valuable to us, allowing us to adjust our key messages and the level of transparency in explaining the investment process, thus making us more efficient in presenting the products.

Francois Xavier Douin
Head of Nordic Institutional Business

Business cases


Institutional growth strategy for a mid-sized equity boutique manager

We identified the firm’s key strategic objectives in three steps: Inventoried the client’s product set, interviewed key clients, and benchmarked investment performance against competitors in order to identify the market opportunity and key gaps in the client’s products, services, and investment and distribution capabilities.


Turn-around strategy for a fixed income specialist

We benchmarked the client relative to peers and against industry best practices using our diagnostic framework “likelihood of success,” creating a turn-around for the client in the Nordic Tier I segment.