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Personal data in the recruitment process

When you apply for a job at Kirstein A/S, we process your personal data. Kirstein is therefore responsible for your personal data, and we treat your data in confidence and comply with the regulations for processing and storing of personal data.

The purpose of collecting your personal data in the recruitment process is to assess whether you are a qualified candidate for a vacant position at Kirstein.

Should you have any questions regarding the personal data that we process about you, please contact Jan Willers.

When we receive your application

In order to process your application, your name and email address will be registered in an electronic document. In addition to this, other information that is found in your application, such as résumé or other enclosed documents, will be saved in an electronic folder. This will typically be the following personal data: name, address, civil status, education(s), previous jobs, grades or references/recommendations. HR, the concerned superior, and other individuals involved in the recruitment process will have access to this information. When we receive your application, you will get a confirmation of this sent to the email address that you have provided in your application.

Assessment of your application

We always assess the individual applicant’s qualifications relative to the posted vacant position. Once we have read the received applications, we select which candidates to invite in for a job interview. During interviews, we receive further information about you, which we take note of for the purpose of the onward hiring process. We employ the General Data Protection Regulation article 6 (1) (b) as a warrant, as it is a matter of personal data which you have disclosed yourself for the purpose of being hired.

Data storage and erasure

If you do not get the job, we will erase the information that we have gathered on you no later than six months after the vacancy has been filled. Should we want to save your application for more than six months for the purpose of later recruitment, we will ask for your consent to this.

Your rights

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act, you have a number of rights. If you want to make use of these rights, please contact us. You can find more information on your rights in the Danish Data Protection Agency’s guide to the rights of the registered, which can be found on

Filing a complaint to the Danish Data Protection Agency

You have the possibility to complain about our processing of your personal data to the Danish Data Protection Agency. The contact information of the Danish Data Protection Agency can be found on the website of the Danish Data Protection Agency