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Combining historical and forward-looking data is key for asset managers to make action-oriented and impactful decisions

From the Nordic market we have collected essential data to provide insight and knowledge for asset managers to overcome the challenges of the available asset allocation data.

the essentials of the nordic market


The Nordic market is sizeable and amounts to almost 3 trillion in assets. 

It remains important to understand the full picture of the market—both in terms of size and available assets but also allocations and relevant market potential.

The Nordic market accounts for more than 300 relevant institutional investors. 

These investors range from large tier I pension funds and distributors to smaller family offices, foundations, and endowments.

The Nordic investors have allocations to 18 major asset classes. 

Investors have great diversity in their investment approach depending on country and segment. Hence, understanding underlying allocations is key.

Nine out of ten asset managers will use asset allocation data.

AuM and asset allocation data is a key element in asset managers’ business plans to make informed decisions and prioritise resources efficiently.

Asset allocation data

When it comes to asset allocation data, our AuM-data covers a significant breadth and depth of the Nordic institutional market.

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combining historical and forward-looking data

Our asset allocation data is based on direct data from investors which make it consistent and complete across asset classes.