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Since the mid-1990s, Kirstein has been interested in and analysed the pension sector and pension funds and has in this context produced performance comparisons, assessments, etc. Kirstein was in that way the first company in Denmark to collect accounting data from the pension funds, and this means that we today as the only firm in Denmark have accounting data from all pension funds since 1990.

Kirstein publishes a pension report that describes the returns of the funds in the Danish pension business. The report contains a nuanced analysis of how the funds have gained their returns, which factors have been essential to the individual fund's performance, as well as how the funds differ from each other. The report addresses Danish pension funds and other actors with an interest in an independent and structured examination of their performance. The funds use the report to gain a deeper insight into their placement relative to their competitors, to find inspiration, and to learn our opinion of where the Danish and European pension business is headed.

Furthermore, Kirstein creates customised comparisons and analyses of returns, costs, investment strategies, etc., for the use of the funds’ boards and clients.

The report is published annually in March.

Our customers say

  • LD attaches great importance to openness about the investment results we create for our members. We have throughout several years undergone an independent analysis of our flagship LD Vælger. The analysis is compiled by Kirstein, who performs a thorough analysis of LD Vælger's returns, risks, and costs compared to a peer group. The analysis is submitted to LD's board, which hereby has the opportunity to assess the achieved results, both short and long term. We publish the results on our website and summarise them in our annual report. Kirstein presents a very sober and serious analysis that we greatly appreciate.
    Lars Wallberg
  • We have through several years bought Kirstein's markedsrenterapport. We think that self-insight and critique is fundamental in order to improve. The report gives us the opportunity to do so, and at the same time we gain insight into the way that other peers act, and what drivers lie behind their performance. We use the report to evaluate our performance relative to our peers, and also when it comes to our board, and not least ourselves. That creates inspiration for new investment trends and improved processes.
    Søren Dal Thomsen
    AP Pension


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