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During more than a decade Kirstein Intelligence has specialised in advising asset managers who want advice that adds value both strategically and operationally. We help asset managers position themselves in the institutional market and strengthen their business by providing an insight into their competitive situation. We get our insight from our market surveys of investors’ behaviour and opinions of asset managers. We work with more than 400 institutional investors distributed over 15 European countries, and last year we held nearly 200 personal meetings with decision makers among investors. Click here for more information about the investor universe.


Knowledge about investors - Market insight

As an asset manager you need to be able to relate to the way that investors think and act to understand the institutional investment universe. This is essential to be able to respond to your clients’ complex wishes and needs as well as understand the opportunities that you have in this universe. A partnership with Kirstein means that the asset manager receives deep and useful insight into main investment trends, as well as knowledge of the investors’ interests in specific asset classes and concrete knowledge of their familiarity with and assessment of the individual asset manager. This knowledge is essential in strengthening the business.


Knowledge about asset managers - Own Position Compared to Competitors

As an asset manager, you find yourself in a complex world that is charactarised by increasing competition, which is why it is of the utmost importance to understand the way that one’s competition acts. A partnership with Kirstein means that the asset manager receives knowledge on their competitive situation regarding specific products by comparing essential characteristics to relevant competing products in the market. It gives asset managers the opportunity to compare themselves to competitors, and this insight is a strategic tool for the asset manager that wants to understand their placement and thus improve their position in the market.

We furthermore help asset managers position their products among investors through very thorough due diligence analyses. We here focus on the product’s team, process, philosophy, portfolio, and performance and general marketing. With more than 300 annual meetings with international asset managers, we have extensive experience comparing strategies across asset classes on a high, qualitative level. We know what works, and we know what does not.




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About Kirstein A/S

Kirstein A/S advises asset managers on how to strengthen their business and has consulted some of the largest Danish and international managers through more than a decade. We function as a strategic and operational partner, and our collaboration is customised to the needs of the individual manager. Our consultants are all investment professionals, and working with us means gaining access to direct and personal advice.

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