Meet an employee

Meet an Employee


user    Philip Riise, 30 years old, Principal



When I graduated as Cand.Polit., I had two main wishes for a prospective job: to continue my professional development and build on the skills I had gained through my education, and to have direct contact to those clients that used my analyses. The position as an investment consultant at Kirstein met both of these requirements, and so it was an easy decision when I got the opportunity to work at Kirstein.                              

I am an investment consultant in the department Investments, where we advise institutional investors on their investments. In my daily work, I primarily handle the analysis of specific asset classes and their allocation, which is used for advising our clients. When we begin our cooperation with a new client, the first task is to determine an investment strategy that matches the client's profile. Since they often have different needs, there are always individual nuances that must be taken into account, which means that two tasks are rarely the same. When the investment strategy is defined and implemented, we maintain a dialogue with the client, where possible adjustments to the portfolio are discussed. This combination of the analytical work with asset classes and the communicative task regarding the customer, where the results must be communicated in a clear and easily understandable way, is one of the elements of my work that I appreciate the most.

... there is an understanding of the need for balance between work and private life.

My job is very diverse in its nature, ranging from participating in relevant conferences and meetings with asset managers, to developing internal models and marketing material. In addition, there is a high degree of cooperation and knowledge sharing among the departments in Kirstein, which often leads to new ways of approaching problems. Being able to work across the organisation is exactly what provides an extra dimension to our daily work.

The working environment in Kirstein is informal and frank, and in spite of the tight deadlines, there is always a good atmosphere. A job in the consulting business often involves very long hours, and they also occur at Kirstein. However, there is an understanding of the need for balance between work and private life, so that we are able to cultivate hobbies and family. Last but certainly not least, there is a good social life in Kirstein, which often launches a variety of events such as tennis, golf, cinema, wine tasting, etc., and there is always a good turnout for a beer or a glass of wine when the work week is over. 


user    Ask Nørgaard, 23 years old, Investment Analyst


I am studying economics at the University of Copenhagen and I have been working at Kirstein since the beginning of 2016. I work as an Investment Analyst in the Investments department, where I am most involved in our searches for and surveillance of asset managers. We conduct asset manager searches for our own K Invest funds but also ad hoc for institutional investors, for example some of the biggest pension funds in Denmark. As for surveillance, we map the universe of potential asset managers and keep a close eye on our own choices, to make sure they perform the way we expect. As an Investment Analyst my role during these overall tasks is to keep our performance database up to speed, so I can provide our Consultants with up to date figures, analyses and presentations.

In my job I gain knowledge and insights about a big variety of assets classes and their performance. I get to know a lot of international asset managers and get in touch with numerous of people from these managers, which gives me opportunities to build and expand my network. I even get to learn about different managers’ approaches to stock selection and their view of the upsides and downsides of different markets.


... Everyone gets to know what is going on, and everyone can speak their minds, and this way ideas are easily transformed into actions.


At Kirstein, we operate with a strong winner mentality, which means that I get to work with highly intelligent and very competent colleagues every day. One of the things I like the most about the company is the flat structure and the openness. Everyone gets to know what is going on, and everyone can speak their minds, and this way ideas are easily transformed into actions. The structure also results in an informal work tone, and there is always a good and supportive atmosphere which makes a great work environment. There are also plenty of social events and always someone to enjoy a beer (or wine) with Friday after knockoff. These are some of the reason why I love working at Kirstein.



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Kirstein A/S is a consultancy that advises professional investors and asset managers about investments and strategy. We are independent and never compromise our principle of independence. After more than 20 years in the market, we have consolidated ourselves as the leading financial consultant in Denmark and have also achieved a significant position abroad. We offer a high level of analytical expertise, flexibility and targeted solutions for our clients, who are mainly asset managers, pension funds, banks and institutional investors.

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